COMMA: a progressive and minimalist style

COMMA is the first Kaito Choy’s style seeing the light of day and we are proud to have made that happen. The designer is the second place winner of PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship (WSC) in this year edition.

The history of the elements included in the design started in 2013, during Kaito Choy’s first class at PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy. At the time, the upper design was a sneaker inspired by the continuous wrapping of the Fibonacci sequence found in nature.

The style has then changed and brought back into Kaito’s entry in the 2018 WSC: the initial interlace upper detail remained and evolved into a single continuous wrapping upper. The purpose of the forefoot strap detail's was to tie in the heel strap as a way to connect the bold assertive aesthetic direction and pay homage to the past and future.

COMMA was inspired by high end sneaker silhouette infused with a Chelsea boot upper. The intent of the design was to capture a progressive style in a minimalist manner and to push boundaries of a everyday wearable piece.