FAST BREAK: the outcome of not giving up

FAST BREAK: the outcome of not giving up

Melvin Melchor saw his sneaker on the top 8 of the 2017 PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship (WSC). Now, we gave him a chance to release it. We present you the FAST BREAK.

After trying his luck on the 2016 edition, Melvin Melchor came up with a better-quality sketch to the 2017 WSC. Under the brief ‘a lifestyle sneaker for the 20-year-old male living in the city’, FAST BREAK is a worldwide project, which merges the USA and Spanish cultures.

The designer started by creating a story around a consumer who was born and raised in the USA, that learned to play basketball at a young age from his dad. He was growing up in the 90’s, so he also learned about the shoes that his favorite athletes wore. After high school, he moved overseas to Spain with his dad, where he played professional basketball with FC Barcelona. Now he wants to return to his country and hopes to start a career in the NBA.


Project mood board
FAST BREAK sketches

This consumer was exposed to two very different sneaker cultures: the hi-tops and basketball shoes that are usually worn in the USA, and the low tops and runners that are popular in Europe. Thinking of him, Melvin Melchor created a hybrid kind of sneaker.

The goal for the upper was to feature gestural lines, like the iconic visual of the 90’s basketball kicks. On the bottom, the designer included a flexible runner tooling, for modern day comfort.

Melvin Melchor started sketching with smaller thumbnails first, to experiment with different lacing systems and to add an iconic gesture to it. Then, he started working on a larger scale, which helped him in figuring out the other views of his design. As he advanced in the competition, he showed the versatility of the paneling and tooling by presenting different colourways.

The journey ended sooner than he had hoped. But in the end, his shoe was actually able to come out. There is a theme of not giving up and still believing.