A while ago we had a crazy idea. We wanted to dismount two preconceived ideas.

First is that people consider that swapping colours of a 40-year-old silhouette or flipping a logo is sneaker design.

Second is that using an open mold of an outsole limits the creativity of the designers.

So, we selected an outsole. We made a last for it and we invited all our current designers and collaborators to design a sneaker on them.

And better than having an idea is executing it.

So, we are proud to present PROJECT HEX!

Magnigicent 6

These are the magnificent 6 that will design a lifestyle sneaker on this Phylon + Rubber sole.

Blake Scordino, Chris Chase, Jason Diaz, Kaito Choy, Seth Fowler and Vidit Singh.

We wonder how different the approach can be to the same outsole and last.

Are you ready for it?



Outsole selection

We will be sharing every step of the process with you.

And the best part is that the sneakers will be made available for you guys to cop.

Sit down, buckle up and enjoy the ride!