INITIUM: felling like a painter

The INITIUM was chosen to be the first model launched by We Are Underdogs. Maxwell Lund, the designer of this sneaker, left the usual process aside and created an artistic shoe.

Designed by the winner of the 2016 PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship, the INITIUM is an attempt to erase everything the designer have learned about the ‘right way’ to procedure and to continue teaching himself in a ‘learn-by-doing’ manner.


Maxwell Lund began the design process sort of backwards to what one would normally do. He focused on colour and looked at the upper of a shoe as a blank canvas, tooking a more expressive and artistic approach – like a painter. After that, the designer thought how he could translate that colour into a pattern.

It was on this stage that the design finally started coming into play. With this new approach, Maxwell Lund really come up with interesting results.

Exposing aspiring designers to the market, We Are Underdogs is giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their talent and to learn by doing.