Maxwell Lund: an unconventional designer for an unusual brand

In 2016, Maxwell Lund won the PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship (WSC), seeing his sneaker sold around de world. Now, one of his models was chosen to launch a new and unconventional sneakers brand.

The INITIUM is the third sneaker designed by Maxwell Lund that is seeing the light of day, after releasing the 2016 WSC winner and Hanpa (Lower Sioux, Upper Sioux, Prairie Island and Shakopee).

Coming from Minnesota, the 21-years-old designer draw his first shoe four years ago. At that time, footwear design was just something he wished he could do. He sketched shoes for fun in between classes at college, as a hobby. He had just begun studying Graphic Design at the South Dakota State University.

2016 PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship
Hanpa (Lower Sioux, Upper Sioux, Prairie Island and Shakopee)

In 2015, Maxwell Lund heard about the PENSOLE design tournament. He gave it a try and ended up winning. It was not easy, but make him believe on his capacities.

After the contest, he was transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Stout – to study Dropout, Industrial and Product Design –, hoping to finally learn the proper way to design shoes. Three semesters latter, he realized he wasn’t improving himself at what he wanted to do, so he stopped going and focused all his time on working on shoes by himself.

The INITIUM is an attempt to build off what he had already done and continue to teach himself in a ‘learn-by-doing’ manner.

His new portfolio, named [insert logo], is available since the begging of the year.