A collaborative effort between WAU and Joseph Andrews that became a reality due to unique visionary alignment and the passion to create. 

The WAU Meraki One Collection’s unique take on a classic silhouette came to life thanks to our shared love for the underdog concept - that standing up to the big names with a fresh perspective is often what it takes to be a little disruptive. 

We Are Underdogs mission of empowering the future of sneaker design was kept in this collaboration. This collection was designed with the help from Juliusz Slaski, Canadian shoe designer, Bachelor in Industrial Design from the University of Alberta and Pensole alumnus.

This joint effort allowed our passion project to become a reality. 

Meraki: A Greek word describing the emotion of putting so much work into something, it’s as if you’ve left a piece of yourself (your soul, creativity, love) in your work.

Joseph Andrews is a lifestyle content creator – focusing on men’s fashion and hair.  He owns a hair product company and has always fought to provide exceptional quality products that can hold their own next to the big brands. 

Jospeh Andrews said:
“I’ve always been intrigued by design quirks and colors that make people do a double take.  I’ve also learned to appreciate the subtle nuance and versatility that a simple, yet elegant, silhouette has to offer. Taking inspiration from my childhood growing up in Africa, my college years in the UK where I met my beautiful wife and the timeless design of a classic pair of kicks, we present the Meraki One Collection. “ 

Created with a disruptive attitude that pays respect to the sophisticated aesthetic of a clean silhouette.  The Meraki One’s play with the boundaries between smart casual and street wear while prioritizing outfit versatility.  Made for those looking for an everyday wear with quality materials while valuing a sense of individualism and adventure. 

WAU Meraki Step One(s)

The silhouette that started it all, setting off the creative disruption.  A color way that pays homage to Meraki’s origin: Greece.  From the white shades found in Mykonos and Santorini’s landscapes to the blue of the Aegean Sea. Take your first step with our Step One’s.

WAU Meraki Summit

Named after Kilimanjaro’s peak, Africa’s tallest Mountain found in Tanzania and an hour away from where I lived for four years, the Summit’s borrow from the dusty earth tone pallet of Africa’s terrain that translate into a uniquely clean colorway that can be rocked with nearly every outfit. 

WAU Meraki Low Lights

Showcasing a typical day in Manchester, UK: dark nights, cloudy days & traditional brick buildings.  The city that introduced me to the best woman I know, the Low Light’s celebrate my time spent in Manchester and elevate the UK’s foggy aesthetic with this subtle yet versatile color way.

Pre-orders open August 8

Until August 22nd, pre-orders with 20% off (apply code MERAKI20 at checkout)

From August 22th to September 5th, pre-order with 10% off (check out our social media for the code)

From September 5th to mid October, pre-orders will be accepted, at full retail price, but limited to the quantity that will be produced for stock
(it will be enough time for pre-ordering so no one can complain that they got the L... it will be as limited as people want it to be)

Delivery mid October