We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank and praise the men and women that manufacture our sneakers.

Not only them, but also all those involved in the supply chain needed to make a “mere” pair of sneakers. Outsoles, leather, threads, glue, boxes, paper, eyelets, laces, transfers, “hot stamps” and so many more…)

As you might know we source locally, and we produce in Portugal. And Portugal is no exception for the Covid-19 pandemic.

And while we need to continually thank and praise our health professionals, law enforcement, military, we’d like that our simple “thank you” to the sneaker manufacturers is understood as extendible to all the “invisible” ones that, in these uncertain times, leave their homes to their work station, taking all security measures possible, to make the days of the ones that can be home as normal as possible.

Supermarkets’ racks need to be filled with products. People need to make them. Drivers need to take them there. Garbage needs to be collected and treated / recycled.

Our government has applied safety measures that our everybody is following scrupulously. Whenever possible people should work from home. However, we know that is not possible. And some modern-day heroes must fight their fears and go to work every day, leaving the comfort and safety of their homes!

Kicks are not included in the first necessity goods range, but it is only fair to say they’ve become part of our lifestyle. We do hope that our effort is appreciated, and people understand that for “kicks” to be delivered by the courier at your doorstep, hundreds of men and women are doing their share to keep the world spinning.

In what concerns WE ARE UNDERDOGS, we have 3 big collaborations being developed at the same time (NW1 with NightWing / Wertesters, DIA with The Fung Bros and ORIGIN with Seth Fowler) as well as a new style designed by Kaito Choy.

And they are happening!

Because our “heroes” are not quitting. Because they are following the authorities’ recommendations, engaged and committed to not giving up.

It’s just “kicks”. But “kicks” is what we are passionate about!

Thank you, brave men and women!