The Underdog: The unexpected winner of an unequal fight

The Underdog: The unexpected winner of an unequal fight

On the next weeks, fresh concepts of sneakers from aspiring designers are finally going to see the light of day. We are very proud to make this happen with our partner – PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy.

We Are Underdogs is a creative platform with a mission to bring to life new concepts of sneakers from designers with a fresh approach. Many interesting concepts from thousands of aspiring designers never see the light of day. As a new sneakers brand, our purpose is to change that. 

Every month, we are going to launch a new model from a different designer, in an exclusive edition of 99 numbered pairs. In the meantime, other news will be revealed, so keep an eye on it. All sneakers will be available online.

Fortunately, we count with PENSOLE Footwear Design Academy as our partner, the first and most important academy in the field around the world. It was founded by the long live legend D'Wayne Edwards, former creative director of Nike and Jordan. Every year, the academy organizes the PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship, getting in touch with hundreds of innovative drawings and concepts.

This project is an incredible opportunity for aspiring designers, to show their ideas to the world. We are counting the minutes to show you our first sneaker!