Walkthrough the INITIUM

Walkthrough the INITIUM
We like to think that we are not only selling sneakers.

We consider ourselves a creative platform for a reason.

One of the most fulfilling feeling we have is that of seeing that we also contribute to the education of the designers that cooperate with us and of our followers.

So, we were never ashamed of showing the "process" that leads to the final product.
Showing what's possible, the horrible pullovers, the failed samples... the things you normally don't get to see.

Let’s go back to when we started developing the INITIUM with @maxwelllund
What do you think of this first pull over?

Sometimes we don't really get it right. We need to keep trying.

We need to go back and forth, we choose one outsole and then, either for the supplier not moving forward with molds either for the last not being a perfect match even though the cad looked perfect.
This is not an exact science.
And it's very important to keep this in mind.

This was pullover number 2 of the INITIUM

The lines were getting better, but not yet there.

This is when magic starts to happen.
Across the Atlantic, in this case up north in Minnesota, Max sends the revisions over to Guimarães, north of Portugal.

And it really starts to make sense.
During this phase the communication is of the essence.

Keeping it simple and focused. Trying not to be all over the place. Trusting the process. And the experience of the team.

Revisions received. Changes to the proportions made.

An idea arose. Why not using the outsole that Max had designed for Pensole World Sneaker Championship?

It was right in front of us, yet we hadn't yet thought of it.

Let's change the last but keeping the revisions of the panels.

Now that we were feeling safe with how the shoe was looking, it was time to start making the final sample.

. Black tumbled leather
. Grey soft calf leather
. Perforated "Gunpowder" grey soft calf leather
. Taupe calf suede
. Blue pig skin

Ingredients to be "mixed" by the skilled hands of Portuguese artisans.

Said like this, it sounds easy, doesn't it?

It was a pleasure to have guided you through some steps - in a very condensed way - that have resulted in the sneaker that you can see now.

It was our first release, and this was the photo taken as soon as we had the pair ready.

Has it been fun?

We sure hope it has.

Now, don't forget to check out this and other styles available at www.weareunderdogs.com

And the way to support this project, allowing us to keep flooding the industry with talent, launching sneakers with a cause, is simple:

Just buy the shoes, wear them and spread the word!

The independent reviews we had so far will tell you what a good investment a pair of WAU is!

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