WAU is proud to announce the partnership with the Portuguese retailer XTREME.

Since day 1 of our project we decided that when we time came to have our brand carried in a brand it would need to be with a very special kind of retailer. Someone that understood the brand’s concept and that believed in carrying the brand as a whole, in a partnership that allowed us to grow alongside, together.

And XTREME is that kind of very special retailer.
XTREME is a Portuguese sneaker and streetwear retailer, founded in 2004, with 6 locations and 2 more opening in 2020.

It was in one of XTREME shops that we presented the WAU x SETH FOWLER “ORIGIN” in a Meet & Greet with the renowned YouTuber.

From this day on, in Portugal, you can find WAU at XTREME.