Back in 2016 PENSOLE organized the World Sneaker Championship.

Thousands of contestants, aspiring designers from all over the world, submitted their concepts to this revolutionary competition.

The winner was a 19-year-old “kid” from Minnesota, named Maxwell Lund. His mid top featured an innovative lacing system and a beautiful Maroon combination of suede and leather.

Exactly two years ago the shoe that that kid had submitted as a concept for the competition was released by Foot Locker. It sold out in minutes.

That shoe is now a colector’s item. A grail!

The combination of the maroon and gum colour extra light EVA sole became Maxwell's stamp.

We feel it is now time to celebrate that moment. The first time Pensole released a shoe. The first time a winner of the WSC saw his shoe being developed, produced and sold.

It was also in that moment that WAU started being thought.

Now, We Are Underdogs is proud to present the INITIUM WSC 16 Maroon by Maxwell Lund.

A colourway of the INITIUM, featuring the same material combination and colours of the WSC 16. The premium suede. A soft calf leather. A Pull-up detailing. Cognac leather lining and laces. On a gum coloured extra-light EVA outsole.

An unique and historical sneaker.

A statement and a tribute!

After all, it all started with the INITIUM. And the INITIUM was inspired by the WSC 16.

And that represented hope for many aspiring designers. After all the doors to the industry were not completely closed after all!