Jason "Negrito" Diaz was the winner of the #origincontest
WAU is always fetching talent. And this time we went all the way to the other side of the world to find it! And now that we've found it, we'll keep it!
We are proud to welcome Jason as the most recent "Underdog"

Based in Sydney Australia, Jason Diaz is a full time Graphic Designer and for the last decade has been self employed with the last five being focused on fashion and his own clothing label.

The label has seen steady success domestically and alongside the brands online presence, he's been able to secure a number of stockists across the country. Being completely hands on, Jason also takes care of all photography, web design and digital marketing.

Although currently involved with fashion, his true passion has and always will be sneakers.

"My connection with sneakers all started with Jordan’s. Like any kid growing up in the 90’s I was obsessed with Michael Jordan, the Bulls and basketball. I got my first pair of Jordan’s in 1992 and never looked back".
"For me, childhood memories and sneakers go hand in hand. And they’re great ones at that!".

"When I entered the contest I definitely felt I had something different to offer and was confident in my own abilities, but that didn’t necessarily mean I thought I would win. It was something so different and the first design competition I had ever entered. I didn’t really know what to expect".
"What I did know was that I always give it my best, what ever I choose to do and just hoped my efforts would be recognized. In the end, it seems that they were!".

"When I received the actual sneakers it was unbelievable! It’s still surreal every time I look at them. I can’t believe something I designed was manufactured and later released to the public. It’s totally insane. It’s better than anything I could imagine in person. It’s on a whole other level being able to hold your own creation. So incredibly happy with the end result".

"I am absolutely over the moon having been invited to join WAU! Overwhelmed with joy. It was a complete shock to be asked and can’t wait to get stuck in. I’ve always believed given the chance it was something I could do successfully. It feels unbelievable to have the backing of such a great company and has filled me with confidence to push forward".

"Honestly, it's a dream come true. It’s difficult to put into words. To me sneaker design was more than a dream, it was a fantasy".
"I never contemplated it as a realistic possibility. Being located on the other side of the world it seemed so unattainable. I still can’t believe I’ve been given the opportunity to do something I love and have been passionate about for so many years. I’m beyond excited to be part of the WAU team and can’t wait to see what we’re going to create together".

"This opportunity has opened the door to an industry I thought was completely out of reach and quite frankly, an occupation that had passed me by. You just never know how things may end up. It goes to show you perseverance can pay off. It is truly an underdog story".

"I think contests like the #origincontest are amazing. Not only are they extremely fun and educational, but in my case it’s eventuated in to something much bigger. That’s something I didn’t expect".
"And it wouldn’t of been possible without the initial competition. No matter your location geographically you’re able to connect with like minded creatives and have your work exposed to people you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. That’s priceless. Nothing but praise for these types of competitions and those who run them".