Japan-Born. Hawaii-Bred. Portland-Living.

His background of multiple cultures and experiences affect his design process.

He loves art and design, saying that there’s something very attractive and fulfilling about helping others all while exercising creativity and imagination, especially, if that idea comes to life and results in leaving the world a better place than how one found it.

Appreciates and respects well-crafted things. Quality over quantity any day.
If a product or service isn’t considered, sustainable, ethical, inspirational, and most of all, solutional, it shouldn’t exist.

Deliberate, detailed, hopeful, and responsible.

Completed the PNCA @ PENSOLE 12 weeks intensive design class in product creation, after having won the 21 Days of Design Competition and reaching the top 8 in the World Sneaker Championship 2018.

And he likes shoes!

It was more than time for him to have his first signature sneaker released.