February 2nd 2019

We said today was gonna be a BIG DAY!

What would you say if we gathered a dream team to bring quality and craftsmanship back into performance basketball footwear? 

Where we would get the best details from the best basketball shoes.

- Outsole – grip, weight and traction
- Lacing
- Lightweight cushioning
- Lining
- Upper - height and functionality
- Lockdown and fit along 

Blended all these aspects in an exclusive design and made them in an irreprehensible quality, in Europe, using the best materials available, so that you could proudly wear them also off court. 

Are you curious? 

What if we told you that the dream team is the one and only Night Wing (Weartesters), the culture veteran Sean Williams (OSD) and now the accomplished designer Kaito Choy.

And what if we told you that the brand would be WAU, with it's renowned quality and Portuguese craftsmanship.

And what if we told you that you will be able to follow all the process via social media

And that, for the first time, the samples will be subject to performance review - unfiltered - by Nightwing, until we reach perfection! 

What say you?

June 25th 2019

Our biggest challenge till now – as it is our first incursion in performance footwear – is evolving.

In these past weeks we have been working with @nightwing2303 on the outsole, which will be decisive to the overall shoe.

So, with the addition of an outrigger, the design has suffered a huge twist.

And with that twist came a change of color palette.

@itaflexportugal is now working on opening the two molds – EVA for the midsole and TPU for the outsole – so that we can have a test pair of samples ready asap to send over to California for weartesting!

Who’s feeling this as much as we are?

July 12th 2019

Now we are getting there!

Last night @nightwing2303 shared the final design of the sole (outsole and midsole) for the WAU NW1

Now it is time for @itaflexportugal to do their thing and get a pair of these beasts out there asap!

We can't wait to see them being tested!

Reposted from @nightwing2303 - 

This wasn’t 100% ready to make public yet, but I was excited, so f*** it . With the updated design we decided to update the traction pattern as well. Webbing-bone is what we’ve been calling it amongst the team. It’s a trip to see me and my mechanics studied/broken down in a way to show how the shoe should flex/move/support and where. I’m a complete nobody that is getting an extremely rare opportunity to have a performance basketball shoe made based on my preferences. There are many out there that are far more deserving of this privilege than I. Grateful isn’t even the word to describe what I feel seeing this. I don’t even know what I’ll think/feel when I can finally hold a pair in my hands. .

When will the WAU NW1 be released?

The shoes will be subject to public review.

Only after they are tested and approved by Chris “Nightwing2303” Chase and us here at We Are Underdogs are comfortable with it. 

What will be the retail price?

We do not know yet. Only after the final version is approved, we can calculate the price.

We want it to be as fair as possible, though knowing that the initial investment is huge.

What sizes will they be produced in?

We don't have a final decision on that yet.

What will be the cushioning?

The midsole is a special EVA compound developed by ITAFLEX.

The insole will be molded PU.

Where will they be sold at?

They will be sold at weareunderdogs.com

Will the shoes be available in my country?

As in every We Are Underdogs shoe, count on Free Worldwide Delivery.

We deliver to every country in the world where UPS operates.

Will this be a limited edition?

This will be as limited as you want it to be.

We will open pre-orders – with a discount for early buyers - so that everyone that really wants a pair can secure them in advance.

So, no excuses.

There won’t be any fake hype creation, making them artificially limited. If you want them, you can get them in pre-order. Period.

After the pre-order closes will I be able to get myself a pair?

You might, but the stock produced in addition to the pre-orders will be limited.

We’d recommend pre-ordering. Better safe than sorry!