'The Underdog is the unexpected winner of an unequal fight'

We Are Underdogs is a creative platform with a mission to bring to life new concepts of sneakers from young talented designers with a fresh approach.

Many interesting styles from thousands of aspiring designers never see the light of day - only a few actually make it onto the production line. As a new sneakers brand, our purpose is to change that.

Every month, we launch a new style from a different designer. The styles are produced in exclusive and limited editions and include a note from the designer. All sneakers are handcrafted by Portuguese shoemakers.

The first styles we launched were submissions to the PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship.

Every year, PENSOLE organizes the World Sneaker Championship, getting in touch with hundreds of innovative drawings and concepts.

Our underdogs can helm their own brands, act as WAU ambassadors and receive royalties on the sales from their designs. This is an unique opportunity for aspiring designers, regardless of socioeconomic background.


Every month, we launch, at least, one new style from a different designer. The OG is produced in limited quantities and includes a message from the designer.

Follow up colourways can be dropped between new releases.

New designers, new designs!

The designers will get paid royalties on the sales, and they'll do their best to spread the word on the brand, aware that the strength of the brand will come from a joint effort, working as a community!

These are real signature designer sneakers.

Sneakers with a face and with a cause!