Our position when it comes to sustainability is quite simple:

Make the best sneakers we can. Durable and long-lasting.

We do understand that many brands need to focus on solving the problem that they created. Based on greed, under the format of technology and innovation, they managed to lead you into being happy while the quality decreased drastically.  

It is undoubtable that there is a problem. Mainly from overbuying. lousy quality shoes that you need to get rid of. Fast.

Then, obviously, they need to concentrate on what happens when you need to throw them away.

We prefer to commit to you only having to think of keeping them!

Manufacturing sneakers in a country that respects the strictest legislation in terms of labor and waste treatment. In a country that is known for the investment in renewable energy. Where the workers are treated with the utmost respect for their rights.

Using leather as our main material. A natural material that if not used, for example, in footwear would be wasted from the food industry.

But, even with all that, sure we can actively seek additional ways of contributing to the environment.

And that’s why we are proud to present the next series of sneakers at WAU, in SS20:


You can’t even imagine the amount of waste that the fast fashion industry creates.

Many times, only to maintain some egos happy, the lasts (made of plastic) are continually changed, the styles have each time shorter life causing a huge waste on stainless steel cutting dyes and the amount of left over leather that lays on the shelves from the innumerous prototypes / pullovers is incredible.

So, We Are Underdogs has challenged the manufacturers that work with us to, in collaboration with our internal design team, reinvent “old” styles.

Grabbing a shoe that was doomed to be “cremated”, tweaking the existing cutting dyes, adapting it to a different, yet existing last that can match the chosen outsole, and using only materials off the shelf, available inside the warehouse!

Using the imagination. Thinking inside the box!

This was the first sneaker chosen to be given a new life!

We decided to  move forward with a beautiful extra light EVA cup sole from Itaflex.

It is an outsole that we already used in the 317 by Joey Khamis and whose comfort and elegance was praised by everyone that got a pair.

Almost immediatly we grabbed an old upper, lasted it in the last that fitted the outsole and we go the chance of visualising the possible outcome.

We were happy with how it came out.

Then came the phase of looking at the “left over” materials we had available.

Even if we look at it on a daily basis, we can’t help being amazed – in a negative way - with the amount of waste that the search for “Pantone” matching leather, that too often is nothing but an almost imperceptible wild goose chase.

So, for the Re-Invent 01 we decided to test 3 CW’s.

And we moved into making the samples immediately!  

Sometimes all you need is to keep it simple.