team up for a one of a kind concept


BLAKE SCORDINO (@turbo_330 )







We want to launch the best retro inspired low top sneaker in 2019.

And we are looking for the best designer to do that!

This is how it’ll work

We will provide you with outsole (a beautiful extra light EVA tooling from ITAFLEX Portugal) to work with. The tricky part is to find which upper the designers will submit that complements the outsole the best. You NEED to create the best upper to work harmoniously with the outsole. There are no rules for the kind of design you can submit. But, be smart, think as a consumer and as a revolutionary designer. 

Take also in consideration the spirit of the both names involved WAU and OBSCURE - finding the best way to blend those in a concept.

This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to make your own design a reality. This will be a highlight in your career as a designer and an artist as a whole. Be smart, be witty, design with good taste and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

The contest is open to everyone, except the 11 designers that are already part of the WAU family.

Way to submit your art work

Step 1

Tag your design with hashtag #waubscure and tag both @wau.wereunderdogs and @obscuresneakers. You will be allowed only ONE accepted submission per person (account). The sumbmissions will be accepted until Feb 28th 2019. Choose wisely, once it's up and considered for voting, you can’t resend another one. You can however refine your design for the following phase.

Step 2

Wait, there is no step 2... it's that easy! So, be a part of this amazing project! Let's get it done!

*When the designs are submitted the rights to produce that design are automatically granted to WAU and OBSCURE SNEAKERS.

The top 8 will be chosen by popular voting on Instagram

The votes will be counted on the contestant’s post, by the number of likes. 

The winner will be chosen by the following formula: 1/3 popular votes 1/3 WAU 1/3 Obscure

The winner will have his design produced with his name present in a label (to be defined)

The winner will also get 2 pairs of the sneakers, a voucher for 150USD at WAU and 150USD at OBSCURE SNEAKERS

This will be a very unique competition for the sneaker industry. We are giving you the power to take your dreams to a whole different level. Your sneaker will be hand crafted by some of the best craftsmen in the industry with premium top notch materials. Take this very seriously!

Take this opportunity, grab it by the horn and RUN AWAY WITH IT!

May the best design win!

Good Luck!


#waubscure update

The #waubscure contest exceeded all our expectations

When Obscure Sneakers and WAU decided to launch this collaboration / contest we never thought we’d have more than 100contestants!

It is overwhelming and flattering to see so many talented designers wanting to grab this chance.


Next step of the competition begins NOW!

You have until March 18th to refine your designs and add at least 3 different color way ideas for your submission.

Also, you would need to add which materials you want to be used on the upper (suede, leathers, mesh etc). Please tag both @obscuresneakers and @wau.weareunderdogs, also use #waubscure9

You NEED to add “Submission for WAUbscure finals” on the caption as well.

Once your submissions have been formally posted, on March 18th both Obscure and WAU will post each submission individually in our feed and stories.

That way, the entire community can start getting to know the finalists as artists with their respective designs. 

The votes will be counted on the comment section, the person that voted for your design must comment VOTE for their respect vote to count.

That way we know who formally has the most votes by the community. 

The winner will be announced on March 30th.

(The popular vote counts as 1/3rd of the vote, then the other 2/3’s will be the individual vote of Obscure and WAU).